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"Discover your essential nature and everything else will enter in perfect harmony"



This is the motto of HH Shri Dev Hansa Nathji Maharaj. With high motivation at the age of nine, he put the development of consciousness as the main focus of his life. Following the teachings of his guru, he spent his youth studying and applying sacred texts, the practice of yoga, silence, austerities and meditation. At the same time, he carried out academic studies such as system analysis and kinesiology.

The 'Vital' Journey

"There are many truths, but reality is only One"


During his youth his guru sent him to systematically learn different aspects of the Yogic science with respective specialists.

This allowed him to develop a broad, flexible and deep mind set about the application of these ancestral practices.

His teachings on Unity and the belief in infinite paths to self-realization have led him to participate and lead numerous congresses and parliaments composed by different Yoga traditions including, “Unity in Yoga Celebrates One Hundred Years of Yoga in America”, “ 7th National Conference in Aspen, Colorado, USA, “” World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, “” International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh India “and numerous international conferences in America, Europe and India. He organized the first Yoga and Ayurveda festival taught entirely in Spanish in Rishikesh.



"We must be inspired to inspire others and love to be able to serve"


Dev Hansa Nath is director of the Ayur Yoga Vital International School, creator of Ayur Yoga Vital (system with a therapeutic focus), of Uccara Yoga, Ayur Yoga Diksha and Jyotish Ayur Yoga. Founder and first president of the Yoga Federation of the Argentine Republic, the Pan-American Yoga Association, the Argentine Association of Masters and Instructors of Yoga, the Practical Wisdom Foundation, and the Ham Sa Ashram that has been developed as a true sanctuary of the sincere seekers of Yoga in its pure and original form.



"Compassion is Love put into action, its two arms are teaching and healing"


Guruji Dev Hansa Nath knows that the youth is our future and for this reason he promotes programs and projects from Ayur Yoga Vital for children and young people. “Education with the highest human values will be the best inheritance we can leave behind.”



"Healing yourself is also healing for those around you"


Dev Hansa Nath is the introducer of the techniques of “Vedic Healing”, “Ayur Prano Chikitsa” (pranotherapy) in Latin America and one of the first masters of Traditional Reiki in Argentina. He has also spread the techniques of Ayurvedic medicine, Bioenergy, Magnified Healing, Color Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Acropress, Marma, Ayurvedic, Thai and Vital Massage. He has thousands of students all over the world.


“The greatest reward my students can offer me is to put into practice what they learned”


Dev Hansa Nathji has received numerous awards, mentions and titles from prestigious international and state institutions related to health, sports, ecology, education and yoga. His eagerness to serve is renewed and multiplied every day.


“Remember who you are and Awake”

“You are” Nath “lord of yourself, Immortal Yogi”

HH Shri Dev Hansa Nathji Maharaj and his disciples represent the Natha Siddha tradition of Latin America honoring its four principles: Freedom, Equality, Fraternity and Respect.




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